I have finally started dreaming again. I was worried for a while that I would never remember/have another dream again and now they are coming every night. Last few nights the theme has been trains and subway like things. I think this is a common thing that I dream about regularly because of my urban planning sense and they way I think about cities and the future of travel. Living in Los Angeles and often driving around town and to Sacramento, San Fransisco, San Diego often I think of having better methods of transportation. Both while I wake and while I sleep.

Last night I dreamt that my sister, my friend, and I wanted to go to a place. We had a set destination in mind but when we got on the train we continually missed our stop. We also did not pay for our tickets. People who didn’t pay for their tickets don’t get thrown off the train but instead get moved to a section of the train for people that did not pay. This section was surprisingly not crowded and very strict. You could not swear or do anything that would be considered wrong or you would get moved to the bottom of the train. Nuns that were similar to the nuns in Doctor Who’s New Earth (season 2 episode 1) but they would fade out from those characters to the nuns from American Horror Story. Anyway, people all around us would get taken away for silly things like putting their dirty feet on the ground or on the back of the seat in front of them. We almost got taken a few times but did not. We got off at the next stop just to make sure we wouldn’t get taken down and would mill about at the stop for a bit then hop back on the train at a different part.

All of the stops were beautiful. Amazing bright scenery with beautiful large pathways with green tropical forest landscapes on either sides. As well as fountains that appear to be waterfalls. You could stand at the edge of a fountain and feel like you were floating next to a tropical forest. While the pathways were right next to the landscapes they still seemed very distance sort of like the fountains were portals to these different outside areas but you didn’t seem to be able to enter them, like maybe it was all artificial or not really there.

The train seemed to float right on the edge of the ocean. Like there was a glass tube on the ocean side so that the train could sit below the water line a just little bit.

One of the stops was more bamboo like were we were still right on the water line but there was these bamboo like palm trees that lined the ocean side of the train. these bamboo trees had little green and white lights that seemed to be moving through the trees as if if was part of their life force. At this particular stop we were warned that the people that lived there were natives and they did not like technology or people that used it. They tolerated the train but did not like visitors. We went anyway but did not see any native people while we were there. When we tried to get back on the train from that location they stopped us and had a big meeting about not letting us back on the train because we have been seeking on for days and getting away with it. So I decided to buy tickets for all of us this time and they let us back on.

We missed our stop again rode to the end of the tracks and then rode back and I woke up.

Also my sister wanted me to take drugs and take pictures of her on our trip. I took only three pictures and only one half way decent blurry picture that she kept.

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