Bits and Pieces

My dreams have been really sporadic lately & I have been sleeping a lot. It’s like my brain wants to spend more time figuring things out than actually taking action. Not so much that I sleep all day but it is hard to get up and I find myself wanting to go to bed earlier like my brain wants to keep dreaming forever.

I have had a lot of dream moments almost like reminder dreams, things I have done in dream country so that I remember to actually do them when I wake up. Stuff like checking on my staff to make sure they have done their job and paying rent. These dreams are interesting to me. Mostly because I can tell that I have lived a whole different version of my life or days in these dreams but only remember the bits and pieces as they are revealed to me.

It’s like they say with “The Secret.” What you think and believe is what your life becomes. I want to be more trusting of my subconscious because I believe that my own thoughts and original ideas are important and unique. I feel like if we all gave ourselves a little more credit instead of relying on others approval and opinions of how we should live our lives or what choices we should make. Otherwise I find myself fighting with my own subconscious instead of standing up for it, for myself.

This entry is a little all fragmented but it is my entry, so I’ll do what I want!!

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