I think this must be an American or maybe a Los Angeles thing; we have such high standards for beauty here and I am always having terrifying dreams about my teeth. Sometimes they fall out. I will be trying to talk or have a serious conversation with someone and they start to fall out of my mouth one by one. Then they fall out in mass quantities like I have an endless amount of teeth that came from nowhere. Then I try to talk and I blurt random incoherent words and teeth spew out like foam from rabid dog’s mouth. It’s horrible and they always stick with me, when I wake up I am always feeling my mouth by pressing on my cheeks to make sure they are all still there.

Symbolism: teeth falling out might be a pretty literal fear but can also be fear of getting old or decaying. It speaks to my insecurities about teeth. I have friends talk about how some peoples teeth are disgusting and I worry about my teeth being that way one day to. I also notice it’s not that hard to end up as someone with bad teeth. It is not covered in most basic insurance packages and one or two months without being able to care for them and suddenly you are missing a tooth and have no way to pay to get it fixed. It is much harder to get a job or anything with a missing tooth and I feel for the newly homeless population here. Trying to get back on track without things like dental or any other health services.

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