I don’t always remember all of a dream. So many epic adventures lost to my subconscious. All I remember from this one are few flashes: being on open land, spinning, thinking about work. That’s it.

Symbolism: For work I do a lot of standing on land and looking at it. I always sort of want to spin and take everything in but I am usually with several other people and that’s awkward. Instead, I sort of sneak a slow spin and get a nice long circular shot with my camera. I think this dream was me trying to feel out a real spin.

The memory of a dream seems to feel different than other memories. I’ve talked about how the line can seemed blurred at times and I think it has a lot to do with how we remember experiences. Sort of how yesterday begins to feel like a dream. Our memories are not perfect and because we only know our dreams through memory they seem similar at times. Yet somehow we know the difference.

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