My Coworkers Dreams

My coworker dreams about work. She is always worried about doing the best she can and has very literal dreams about the office and her co-workers. Last night she dreamt about telling me that she needed something picked up by my staff at another location. In the dream I started asking her about where and the details. This morning when she went to ask me to have my staff do this, she could not help but be compelled to tell me that she had dreamt the exact same conversation the night before and had to remind her self it did not actually happen yet.

Symbolism: None

I couldn’t get more out of her but I am fascinated that my co-workers dreams are always about making sure she is doing a good job at work. We all work hard but I only dream about it when something is especially stressful or there is a big change happening. I am kind of jealous of how normal sounding her dreams are but I am thinking she might have watered down the telling of it to me. I was probably questioning her in a more interrogating manner then what she explained in her retelling.

These types of dreams also scare me. Once in a while I dream about something that seems real. Then when I wake up I have to sort out what actually happened or if everything was a dream. The fact that some dreams can blur the line of reality a little is scary to me.

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