A Dream from a Friend

In this dream we are at a diner. My good friend is with me and we decide to touch a burger sitting on the counter next to us. We were attempting to figure out if it was a sample but also just being dicks. The guy who owns the burger walks up and we start debating if we should tell him we violated his burger or not. Only to later find out, he already knew. He didn’t tell us at first but he was okay with it because the burger was actually dog food. He let us worry a bit then burst out in laughter and boasted to the waitress that his burger was for his dog so that we could hear.

Suddenly, we remembered we came with friends or friend like figures that mostly appeared to be long time couple and recently engaged friends of ours. They ended up continuing on without us at a booth.

We were outside waiting for our food when my friends’ estranged father shows up. She remembers that this is maybe why she no longer comes to this diner and wonders why she keeps running into him. I serve as a blockade and say, “She doesn’t want to talk to you!” and we begin to walk away. As we were walking we look down to realize she has no shoes. Her father then tosses them to her from across the street. Then she wakes up.

Symbolism: Shoes, Friends, Diner, Dog food

This dream feels a bit literal to me. She had run into her father recently at a grocery store they use to go to. Most of us can relate to the feelings that come with difficult family life and having to put up boundaries to protect ourselves. The shoes seem symbolic of still wanting that help from a father figure. Maybe a memory from putting shoes on as a kid, something most parents help us with when we are young. Engaged friends seems to be positive and acknowledgment of happiness along with siting in a diner causing mischief. Not sure about the dog food, I think this was a reminder to feed her dog in the morning.

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