Morning Dream

This space is to share and record my dreams. I keep a physical Journal and this is a way to share my crazy world of dreams with you. This morning I had a nightmare of a dream but only in the last hour of sleep before getting up for the day.

In most of my dreams I see through the main characters eyes. Sometimes it is me, other times it is a version of me or a made up person entirely.

I am in a log cabin with my younger sister. It is the middle of the night and my sister is looking out the window at someone she knows murdered people in another cabin. I was dropped into an already running story line but I knew immediately what she was looking out the window at. She turned to me and said something in fear. I knew it was coming for us and locked all the windows and doors and the pulled her away from her state of staring and we dodged into one of the small bedrooms.

Then I heard a click as if the front door was slowly and quietly being opened. I walked into the room and opened the door wide to confront the figure. It appeared like a man and a beast at the same time. He had a lock pick or key that doubled as a knife that he went to stab me with, I dodged and began to lunge forward. Then woke up out of fear.

Normally, I would be prepared to fight such a beast in my dreams but I was not prepared for this one having a key to our door.

Symbolism: Log Cabin, Nature, Family, Lock Pick, Key, and Window

I often think on what makes a human into a monster and how we as a society perceive good vs. evil. Sometimes my dreams reflect that processes.

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