The Stadium

My dreams take me to some crazy places, taking full advantage of the space in my head and inventing huge elaborate settings. Last night the Sandman took me to this gigantic stadium where some kind of heavy metal cult band was playing. It felt like it was set sometime in the future. It was dusty, mechanical, and grungy. The lights were extremely tall and I kept seeing bright flashes in my eyes like driving fast on a freeway or in a hospital movie scene where they are rushing the patient to surgery. It all felt very peaceful though as if I was meant to be there. Not scared at all.

The part I remember most is a man that I fell in love with over the course of the dream. At the end he was carrying me laid across his arms while walking alongside a never ending chain link fence. It sort of reminded me of high school, walking along the outside of the school where the football fields were on game night.

Earlier in the dream I was going back and forth about the type of guy I wanted to be with. Being a strong independent woman I foolishly tried to fight my way through this metal grunge mosh pit battle by myself. Only to realize I needed help and caring for after I got beat up a couple times.

I remember this one point when several men were sort of arguing about who was the best. I watched and picked the one I thought was the most caring and helpful. I remember really not liking him at first though. He seemed cocky but over the course of the dream he did little things that won me over. Nothing crazy or noble or anything just made me feel safe and comfortable. He was the man that carried me not away from the mosh pit but back in to try again.

Symbolism: Stadium, Fence, Lights, Mosh pit. The symbolism here feels very much like how I see our world today. Very much heading towards this sort of post-apocalyptic style of life where the rules don’t matter and all you have is yourself and the ones that love you. The stadium and fence remind me of something I don’t really have control over, something I’m not allowed to be a part of or have a say in, and jumping in to the mosh pit is me forcing my way in. I am not sure about the lights. They were the peaceful part of my dream and I think they might be trying to tell me there is hope.

Being a woman is really annoying for me sometimes. I want to be a strong independent woman who can do anything but the truth is I have limitations. I train at a Muay Thai (Martial Arts) gym in my community. I really enjoy it and I feel really strong and powerful. Yet I still can’t even come close to being as strong as the men who train just as hard as me. I like the idea of finding someone that supports me yet also doesn’t coddle me and instead sends me back into the pit because they know I am strong on my own and can do it. It’s a frustrating balance sometimes and I think my dreams try to battle it out while I’m sleeping.


I don’t always remember all of a dream. So many epic adventures lost to my subconscious. All I remember from this one are few flashes: being on open land, spinning, thinking about work. That’s it.

Symbolism: For work I do a lot of standing on land and looking at it. I always sort of want to spin and take everything in but I am usually with several other people and that’s awkward. Instead, I sort of sneak a slow spin and get a nice long circular shot with my camera. I think this dream was me trying to feel out a real spin.

The memory of a dream seems to feel different than other memories. I’ve talked about how the line can seemed blurred at times and I think it has a lot to do with how we remember experiences. Sort of how yesterday begins to feel like a dream. Our memories are not perfect and because we only know our dreams through memory they seem similar at times. Yet somehow we know the difference.

My Coworkers Dreams

My coworker dreams about work. She is always worried about doing the best she can and has very literal dreams about the office and her co-workers. Last night she dreamt about telling me that she needed something picked up by my staff at another location. In the dream I started asking her about where and the details. This morning when she went to ask me to have my staff do this, she could not help but be compelled to tell me that she had dreamt the exact same conversation the night before and had to remind her self it did not actually happen yet.

Symbolism: None

I couldn’t get more out of her but I am fascinated that my co-workers dreams are always about making sure she is doing a good job at work. We all work hard but I only dream about it when something is especially stressful or there is a big change happening. I am kind of jealous of how normal sounding her dreams are but I am thinking she might have watered down the telling of it to me. I was probably questioning her in a more interrogating manner then what she explained in her retelling.

These types of dreams also scare me. Once in a while I dream about something that seems real. Then when I wake up I have to sort out what actually happened or if everything was a dream. The fact that some dreams can blur the line of reality a little is scary to me.

A Dream from a Friend

In this dream we are at a diner. My good friend is with me and we decide to touch a burger sitting on the counter next to us. We were attempting to figure out if it was a sample but also just being dicks. The guy who owns the burger walks up and we start debating if we should tell him we violated his burger or not. Only to later find out, he already knew. He didn’t tell us at first but he was okay with it because the burger was actually dog food. He let us worry a bit then burst out in laughter and boasted to the waitress that his burger was for his dog so that we could hear.

Suddenly, we remembered we came with friends or friend like figures that mostly appeared to be long time couple and recently engaged friends of ours. They ended up continuing on without us at a booth.

We were outside waiting for our food when my friends’ estranged father shows up. She remembers that this is maybe why she no longer comes to this diner and wonders why she keeps running into him. I serve as a blockade and say, “She doesn’t want to talk to you!” and we begin to walk away. As we were walking we look down to realize she has no shoes. Her father then tosses them to her from across the street. Then she wakes up.

Symbolism: Shoes, Friends, Diner, Dog food

This dream feels a bit literal to me. She had run into her father recently at a grocery store they use to go to. Most of us can relate to the feelings that come with difficult family life and having to put up boundaries to protect ourselves. The shoes seem symbolic of still wanting that help from a father figure. Maybe a memory from putting shoes on as a kid, something most parents help us with when we are young. Engaged friends seems to be positive and acknowledgment of happiness along with siting in a diner causing mischief. Not sure about the dog food, I think this was a reminder to feed her dog in the morning.

Morning Dream

This space is to share and record my dreams. I keep a physical Journal and this is a way to share my crazy world of dreams with you. This morning I had a nightmare of a dream but only in the last hour of sleep before getting up for the day.

In most of my dreams I see through the main characters eyes. Sometimes it is me, other times it is a version of me or a made up person entirely.

I am in a log cabin with my younger sister. It is the middle of the night and my sister is looking out the window at someone she knows murdered people in another cabin. I was dropped into an already running story line but I knew immediately what she was looking out the window at. She turned to me and said something in fear. I knew it was coming for us and locked all the windows and doors and the pulled her away from her state of staring and we dodged into one of the small bedrooms.

Then I heard a click as if the front door was slowly and quietly being opened. I walked into the room and opened the door wide to confront the figure. It appeared like a man and a beast at the same time. He had a lock pick or key that doubled as a knife that he went to stab me with, I dodged and began to lunge forward. Then woke up out of fear.

Normally, I would be prepared to fight such a beast in my dreams but I was not prepared for this one having a key to our door.

Symbolism: Log Cabin, Nature, Family, Lock Pick, Key, and Window

I often think on what makes a human into a monster and how we as a society perceive good vs. evil. Sometimes my dreams reflect that processes.